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Lutheran East Introduces School Seal

Lutheran High School East Introduces New Seal Logo to Accompany Falcon

January 4, 2021

Lutheran High School East has recently added a school seal to its brand identity. For the past number of years, the Falcon has existed as the primary — and only   logo for the school. As we focus on the Falcon as Lutheran East’s athletic logo, we introduce the Lutheran East seal as the school’s academic and school-wide brand. 

The Cleveland Lutheran High School Association underwent a branding redesign in 2016, resulting in a logo featuring a center shield flanked by two banners: blue for Lutheran High School East and red for Lutheran High School West.

Lutheran East and Lutheran West will now utilize two similar seal logos, each including the shield shape with cross inside it from the CLHSA logo. Inside each shield are two additional icons which are indicative of each school’s unique identity. 

Inside the Lutheran East seal's shield is a treble clef, representing the importance of music and worship through song in our school community. Also shown is a graduation cap, representing both the effort put forth by faculty and students in pursuit of excellence in their high school educations, as well as the ongoing success of Lutheran East graduates.

Lutheran East will be adding the seal logo to the school’s admissions and marketing materials, office communication pieces, and more. The falcon logo will still be the primary athletic logo, used for athletic communications, marketing, school spiritwear, and athletic apparel. 

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